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Case Studies

Migration Case Study

A Midlands based finance & travel company that was based on two sites 4 miles apart linked by a British Telecom FDDI connection, was to sell off the travel side of it's business within 12 months. The result would be two separate companies although they would continue to do business with each other. Unfortunately the way that the business had evolved meant that one site housed all the data storage facilities, server farms and Internet gateways. This meant that within a year the other site would need to build a data centre and construct the necessary IT solutions to enable it to run as a stand-alone company. The existing network of over 3,000 nodes was in need of a refresh as much of the technology was over five years old and was a mix of Ethernet, Token-Ring and FDDI technologies.

Our consultants worked with both parts of the organisation to produce a detailed migration process for both sides of the business which each had very different requirements. One part needed to build a new infrastructure, server farms, and Internet access at the same time as updating equipment and increasing backbone performance. The other part needed to update the core of their network and introduce routing to the other part of the business and change their addressing scheme. It was also necessary to liase with BT, building contractors, networking hardware manufacturers and distributors to produce a bespoke solution. Once a network reseller had been appointed we continued to work closely with the reseller to see that the clients solution was implemented correctly and to their tight time scales.

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Consultancy Case Study

The remit of the UK Regional Development Agencies is to improve the economy of the regions, giving people the skills they need, encouraging enterprise and improving communications. They also promote the strengths of the region and help people to regenerate their communities.

As part of this approach the Welsh Development Agency needed to provide IT services to a wide range of enterprises over a dozen sites throughout Wales. The basic design was that all of the sites would be linked via a British Telecom VPN at various bandwidths. The WDA had appointed a reseller to carry out the work and our team assisted in the development of a detailed proposal and implementation plan. During the implementation phase we supplied technical training to the reseller to enable the installation to go smoothly and acted as first line support for issues such as the design of security filters and the network management application. Security was an essential part of the project as the different sites were situated in multi-tenanted buildings, with a requirement that each organisation had access to the network for Internet and email services but were of course isolated from the other tenants.

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Training Case Study

Network Solutions Plus has supplied specialist-training services to Hewlett-Packard's Education division in the UK for over 10 years. The training which is independently audited every year comprises the delivery of technical and sales courses to both HP's channel partners and end users. These hands-on practical courses cover in-depth networking topics such as switching, routing, VLANs, security, resilient & converged network designs and management.

This year Network Solutions Plus has been asked to deliver accredited HP ProCurve training in Sweden, Denmark and France. We also participate in forums and European events to enhance the development and delivery of training solutions.

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