nsp Network Solutions Plus

Now more than ever the network is the heart of data communications within an organisation. Many areas of a business depend on the network so it's essential to have a design in place that is resilient, secure and provides sufficient bandwidth. It needs to be cost-effective, but also retain flexibility in order to meet future needs. Network Solutions Plus understand networks but also the needs of the devices and services that rely on it.

Data storage is an integral part of the network with directly attached storage devices, and the increased need for separate storage area networks to increase the speed and resilience of the movement of data around an organisation. Separating the computing power of file servers from the storage component can make it easier to tailor the processing power and storage requirement to the business.

Identifying valuable business data and assigning a relative value to that data is the key to managing day to day requirements, archiving and successful disaster recovery planning. Utilising hierarchical storage techniques means that the best use can be made of various storage media in the most cost effective manner, whilst maintaining the required level of performance.